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Free CAATs
Most popular CAATs are ACL or CaseWare IDEA. You can purchase them from their website. If you are looking for the free CAATs, you may can consider to install the following:
1.Picalo-Free Audit Analytics Fraud Detection software
Picalo Audit Software Installation Instruction
2.ACL 9 Education Version Software

The ACL's last education version software (version 9.0, it is very old but does still work with a limitation functions). The software was bundled with textbooks. There is no limitation on who may download and install this software for Education:

- Old ACL Education Edition v9.0 (English)
- Old ACL Education Edition v9.0 (Spanish)
- Old ACL Education Edition v9.0 (French)
3.ACL Add-In for Excel
ACL Add-In Overview
4. J-CAATS Free Web CAATs Software
Web Link
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