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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) products and training enable you to improve your skills and provide increased value to your clients and employers throughout your computer auditing career.
International Computer Auditing Education Association
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All members holding the ICAEA issued certificates are required to complete a minimum hours of continuing education in a biennial period. The first two year period commences in the year following the year of certification.
The goal of the CPE requirement is to ensure that members maintain the high level of knowledge and skill sets required to stay abreast of professional, including new developments, improvements, etc. Continuing education content must be in area of internal controls, including financial auditing, operational auditing, fraud-related auditing, risk assessment, ethics, and other subjects where the emphasis is on the audit, review, design, and implementation of computer auditing.
Follow the links below to become familiar with the CPE Standards issued by ICAEA, learn the CPE requirements for ICAEA members, and find out the specific CPE requirements for each certificate.
ICAEA--International Computer Auditing Education Association

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