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ICCP Exam Review – Book
(An Official Reference Book for International Computer Auditing Education Association)
Author : Dr. Shi-Ming (Jack) Huang and Dr. Tawei (David) Wang

ISBN 978-986-98959-7-2

$70.00 USD

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Products specifications
(An Official Reference Book for International Computer Auditing Education Association)
Publication Year 2022
This book attempts to help readers prepare themselves for the basic analytics skills that can be applied to different auditing contexts. By working through exercises and problems with different difficulty levels, readers may find it interesting and helpful. Readers can also rely on this book when preparing for the certification exam that may advance their skills and career in the future.
The ICCP Exam Review Questions Includes:
Part I: Computer Auditing Overview — 100 questions.
Part II-A: CAATs for ACL — 100 questions.
Part II-B: CAATs for IDEA — 52 questions.
Part II-C: CAATs for JCAATs — 106 questions.
Case I: Single Data Table Analytic Test — 5 Cases 50 questions.
Case II: Multiple-table Case Study — 3cases 30questions.
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Jacksoft Commerce Automation Ltd. (ICAEA Taiwan Chapter)
Publication Office
3F.-2, No. 180, Chang-An W. Rd., Datong Dist.,
Taipei City 10349, Taiwan
ICAEA Office
21615 49A AVE,
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JCAATs - Data Analysis and Smart Audit
(Attached:Trial version software + Dataset)
Author : Miss. Sherry Huang

ISBN 978-626-97151-1-4

$100.00 USD


Products specifications
The book has been certified by the International Computer Audit Education Association (ICAEA) as a reliable source for computer auditing education.
The official textbook endorsed by ICAEA for the ICCP (International Certified CAATs Practitioner) certification exams.
Publication Year 2023
With the advent of the AI era, professionals need to select the right tools to meet new opportunities and challenges! This instructional material focuses on the application of big data analysis, text mining, and machine learning in auditing to assist readers in understanding the latest developments in data analysis and smart audit. JCAATs is a new generation audit software developed by Python, which can be executed in a Windows and MAC operation systems with a multi-language, visual, and easy-to-use interface. Non-IT professionals can easily conduct smart data analysis. Through JCAATs' built-in data fusion technology and OPEN DATA connector, heterogeneous data can be quickly analyzed in real-time and effectively identifying anomalies. The book provides several practical examples which allowing you to hands-on practice for smart auditing. This material is suitable for professionals such as accountants, auditors, compliance officers, risk managers, information security professionals, managers at all levels, and college students as a learning reference.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Data Analysis and Smart Audit
Chapter 2 Overview of JCAATs - AI Audit software
Chapter 3 Project
Chapter 4 Data
Chapter 5 Expressions
Chapter 6 Validation
Chapter 7 Analysis
Chapter 8 Script
Chapter 9 Text Mining
Chapter 10 Machine Learning
Chapter 11 Reporting
Chapter 12 Sampling
Chapter 13 Tools
ICAEA--International Computer Auditing Education Association


Comprehsive eLearning
program for Case Studies of ICCP Exam Review Solution by using CAATs - ACL.


Comprehsive eLearning
program for Case Studies of ICCP Exam Review Solution by using CAATs - IDEA.


Comprehsive eLearning
program for Case Studies of ICCP Exam Review Solution by using CAATs - JCAATs.

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