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Resource Center
Computer Auditing Project Methodology
ACL - Audit Methodology vs. Technology
Barclay Simpson - An Introduction to Computer Auditing
Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting - Using ACL Scripts to Teach Continuous Auditing/Monitoring: The Tremeg Case
National Chung Cheng University - The Development of a Computer Auditing System Sufficient for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 - A Study on the Purchasing and Expenditure Cycle of the Erp System
AFAANZ - The Development of the Value for Money (VFM) Auditing Jurisdiction: the case of the Victorian Auditor-General��s Office (VAGO) in Australia
University of Malaya - Data Mining in Computer Auditing
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Internal Audit Practice Guide Continuous Auditing
Rutgers Business School - Innovation and Practice of Continuous Auditing
African Journal of Business Management - Using Continuous Auditing Life Cycle Management to Ensure Continuous Assurance
Rutgers Business School - Continuous Monitoring of Business Process Controls:A Pilot Implementation of a Continuous Auditing System at Siemens
Mondragon University - A Methodology for Continuous Computer Security Auditing
IIA - Six Steps to an Effective Continuous Audit Process
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