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Computer Auditing Project Performance
AUDITime - Act with Timely Insight Into Fraud, Errors and Inefficiencies
PWC - The Path Forward for Data Analysis and Continuous Auditing - Technology to Improve the Efficiency of the Audit Process
SIFMA - Analyzing Data to Increase Audit Efficiency - A Look at Data Mining From a business Perspective
Unibanco - Continuous Auditing at Unibanco - Internal Auditing Efficiency Increase
University of Pretoria - The Benefit of Introducing Audit Software Intocurricula for Computer Auditing Students: A Student Perspective from the University of Pretoria
KPMGRiskCompliance - The Benefits of Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring
KPMG's leader off fraud risk management, Jim Littley, discusses how continuous auditing and continuous monitoring (CA/CM) can help companies improve governance and risk management as well as reduce costs
University of Miami, University of Tennessee - Continuous Audit: The Motivations, Benefits, Problems, and Challenges Identified by Partners of a Big 4 Accounting Firm
ReadyRatios - Computer Auditing
Computer auditing is the tool that facilitates the business in regard to data processing while putting a special concern to some targeted operations
KPMG - Continuous Auditing / Continuous Monitoring (CA/CM)
Management and internal audit departments continue to actively seek new ways to gain access to valuable and timely information to manage risk and improve performance. such efforts increasingly include continuous auditing and continuous monitoring (CA/CM) of organizational systems, processes, transactions, and controls.
CAATS - The Case for Continuous Auditing
Real-time analysisiIs still beyond the capabilities of many audit organizations. Therefore, proponents of continuous monitoring now define it as the identification of systems or processes that are experiencing higher-than-normal levels of risk, such as where the values of the performance attributes fall outside the acceptable range
QFINANCE - Continuous Auditing: Putting Theory into Practice
ThisiIs the first value proposition for continuous auditing: The ability to provide assurance when It is needed.This can be referred to as ��audit at the speed of business.��
AICPA - The Current State of Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring
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