ICAEA International is a global membership association for the computer auditing education industry. Members include collegiate schools of business, as well as corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations that wish to work or connect with computer auditing industry.

As an educational member of ICAEA, you are recognized as a part of the world's largest network of computer auditing education industry, all of which are focused on advancing computer auditing education to achieve its full potential. Whether your company is seeking to build collaborative relationships with others, or interested in pursuing ICAEA Accreditation, ICAEA membership is an essential component to your company's success.

Explore ICAEA's Member Benefits
Community and Networking
Explore ICAEA's online networking platform, affinity groups, and other collaboration resources designed specifically for members.
Customizable Data
Learn more about the world's most comprehensive database on computer auditing training worldwide.
Explore conferences, seminars, webinars, and other professional development opportunities.
Publications and Media
Learn more about ICAEA's print and digital magazine, electronic newsletter, data and research reports, and media elements exclusively for members.
Recruitment Tools and Jobs Listings
View ICAEA's member resources for recruitment, including classified ad placement and an online job board for the computer auditing education industry.
Resources and Tools
Learn more about ICAEA Accreditation, consulting and evaluative services, as well as advertising, exhibiting, and sponsorship discounts for members.
ICAEA--International Computer Auditing Education Association

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