ICAEA--International Computer Auditing Education Association


The program draft is the following. The program will be updated from time to time.

June 19th, 2017      Venue: Cocoon Networks - Space S
08:00-08:30 Registration
08:30-09:00 Opening Remarks and Networking
Session I: Education and Professional Development
Invited Speech I
Title: Evidence-Based Decisions using Big Data Analytics - An Innovative Course for Schools of Management
Dr. George Herde, Professor of Business Administration and Business Informatics, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany
Invited Speech II
Title: Learning & Development for being CAATs practitioners
Mr. Keiji Yumiba, CPA Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Japan
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
Paper Presentation
Chair: Dr. George Herde
  1. Ling-Yi chou, The effect of flipped classroom on self-efficacy and satisfaction of computer auditing
  2. Mohamed Wahdan, Impact of a Practical Flowcharts Approach on Educating the Control Risk Assessment
  3. Sherry Huang and Shi-Ming Huang, J-CAATs: a Cloud Data Analytic Platform for Auditors
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Session II: Emerging Technology Track
Keynote Speech:
Title: Development and Current Practices of Data Analytics Program at Aon Internal Audit
Mr. John Caragher, Global VP - IT Audit, Aon plc
Miss Anya T. Drake, MSPA
Global Data Analytics Program Lead for the Internal Audit Department at Aon plc, USA
Invited Speech III
Title: The Development of Audit Analytics Curriculum at DePaul University: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Tawei(David) Wang, Professor, School of Accountancy and MIS, DePaul University, USA
Paper Presentation
Chair: Dr. Tawei(David) Wang
  1. Tzong-Huei Lin, Yu-Hsin Lu, Yu-Cheng Lin and Yun-Hsuan Wang, Using Data Mining Technologies to Construct Litigation Warning Model
  2. Jagdish Chandra Patni and Mahendra Singh Aswal, Hierarchical Load balancing Model by Optimal Resource Utilization
  3. Mohamed Wahdan, A Knowledge-based System for Assessing Detection Risk in E-Commerce Environment: Evidence from Egypt
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
Session III: Application and Experience

Invited Speech IV:
Title: CNP Fraud Detection using ACL Data Analytics
Dr. Ezz Hattab, President, Ai Dar University, Dubai-UAE

Paper Presentation
Chair: Dr. Ezz Hattab
  1. Tung-Hsien Wu, Shi-Ming Huang and Yu-Cheng Yen, Data Quality and Applying Social Network for Financial Statements
  2. IkramUIHaq, Areas Influencing a Firm's Strategy in Managing Digital Innovation and Firm's Performance: A case of Oman
  3. Ahmed Alzahrani and Islam Choudhury , Multi-touch Tool to Enhance Collaborative Programming

June 20th, 2017      Venue: Caffe Nero, Liverpool Street (in front of Underground Station)
09:00-12:00 ICAEA International Representative Meeting

KeyNote Speakers:

John Caragher

Global VP - IT Audit, Aon plc, USA

John is a career auditor with a career long focus on IT security and information technology management. Starting in 1985 working for Archer Daniels Midland Company, he quickly transitioned from Internal Audit into EDP Audit and CAATS, working with large centralized global mainframe systems. Following 13 years at ADM and a brief 3 year career IT Audit co-sourcing with Ernst & Young, he joined Aon Internal Audit. After 15 years his responsibilities at Aon include Global IT Audit as well as the Data Analytics Program at Aon and monitoring of SOC Reports. John attended Illinois State University with a degree in Accounting with MIS concentration, and is both a CPA and Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Anya T. Drake, MSPA

Global Data Analytics Program Lead for the Internal Audit Department at Aon plc, USA

Mrs. Anya T. Drake is the Global Lead for the Audit Analytics Program at Aon plc, Internal Audit Department. She is in charge of designing, developing and executing a sustainable analytics program. Anya develops the relevant policies and procedures, designs and builds a library of repeatable analytics across all business processes. She also provides analytical leadership, direction, coaching, and knowledge sharing and builds program credibility with internal and external stakeholders. Prior to joining Aon, Anya spent seven years at a consulting company Crowe Horwath and managed and oversaw audit, consulting, and forensic accounting engagements with a specialization in professional services, large utility companies, financial institutions, large non-profits, hospitality industry, and entertainment companies across the globe. Anya received her Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and completed her undergraduate studies in Accounting from DePaul University. As part of her graduate program project work, her team partnered with a social media startup to mine the company’s big data and performed business analysis with descriptive statistics, data visualization, and machine learning predictive models to address customer segmentation, activity duration, and fraudulent activities. Anya is an active member of the data analytics community in the US and moderates number of audit analytics forums internally at Aon and externally across the nation.

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Tawei, Wang

Professor of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University, USA

Tawei (David) Wang is an Assistant Professor in the School of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University. He received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University in 2009. Before joining DePaul University, he served on the faculties of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and National Taiwan University. Dr. Wang has received several teaching and research awards. His research interests are IT management and information security management. His papers have appeared in leading academic journals, including Information Systems Research, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Information and Management, Information Systems Journal, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Information Systems, among others. He received the Shirley M. Lee Research Award for 2012-2013 and several teaching awards including the Krannert Distinguished Teaching Award, the Krannert Outstanding Teaching Award, and Purdue Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Prof. EzzHattab

President of Al Dar University College (ADUC)

Prof.EzzHattab is the president of Al Dar University College (ADUC) at UAE, Prof. Ezz used to work as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science Depts at Amman Arab University, specializing in Internet Technology and its applications (e.g., e-Health, e-Business, e-Commerce, and e-Learning).He developed several e-commerce applications, online drugstores (e.g., www.drugstore.com, www.vitalrx.com), healthcare websites (e.g., www.evitals.com ). He developed several e-courses and e-learning portals. Lately, Dr. Hattab worked with Ministry of Education as a supervisor and Author for MIS courses. He is a member of the Avicenna project, which is a virtual campus (80% EU funded) that aims at creating new community of universities sharing best practices and pedagogical innovation through a network of E-learning centers across the Mediterranean. He is an active member of numerous professional and scientific societies, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Jordanian Society of Computers (JSC) and the Arab Medical Informatics Association (ARMIA). Dr. Hattab has 20 publications and 4 books in the area of Information Technology, e-business, e-health, and web applications. He is a member of the high supervision committee of informatics stream at the Ministry of Education. Dr. Hattab has been awarded a scholarship from the EU to pursue his PhD in Internet Technology. His PhD research was part of the Europe research project “The WebMiner”, in which he proposed numerous algorithms and techniques that handle web information retrieval and search. He worked as a head of web development at Eurobjects Co., which develop web applications, e-commerce, e-business and e-health web sites.

Mr. KeijiYumiba

CPA Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Japan

In 1992 He entered a major audit corporation and engaged in auditing work by financial institutions, trading companies, manufacturers, etc. Since 1997 he has been involved in the planning, development, introduction and operation of the information system within the audit corporation. In 2002, in order to develop human resources efficiently and effectively, he took the responsiblity for introducing e-learning. From 2006, he was the head of the headquarters for further enhancement and strengthening of human resource development. In 2007, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC). As a person in charge of human resource development headquarters, he will oversee the full-scale introduction of e-learning and improvement of training system, also promote the effective using of e-learning. In 2011 he separated from his audit corporation to establish Tohmatsu e-Learning Solutions

Prof. Dr. Georg Herde

Professor of Business Administration and Business Informatics
Deggendorf Institute of Technology,Germany

Prof. Dr. Georg Herde, born in 1960, studied business administration with a focus on "Accounting, Finance and Taxation" at the University of Paderborn, as well as the Polytechnic Trend in Nottingham and St. Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota. He subsequently promoted at the University of Bamberg at the chair of Prof. Dr. Walter Augsburger in the field of formal methods of business informatics. In his dissertation, he dealt with axiomatized theories of accounting. After his theoretical training, he started his career at an auditing and tax consulting company in Bremen, where he was very concerned with the information technology problems in the audit environment. In the years of corporate consulting, he developed the first approaches to digital test methods in the field of auditing and tax consulting. In the winter semester of 1999, he accepted the invitation fromDeggendorf Technical University, where he has since then been working on the digital testing methods in research and teaching. In April 2005, he initiated the 1st Deggendorf Forum for Digital Data Analysis at the Deggendorf University of Technology. This forum was followed by two others in October 2006 and November 2007. Together with the representatives from business and research, he played a major role in founding DFDDA.