International Workshop on Computer Auditing Education, 2015
Presentation Session II: Emerging Technology Track
Evidence Quality Review of Trojan Defense: A Case Study of Train Ticket Scalping in Taiwan

Dayu Kao

Department of Information Management,

Central Police University, TaoYuan City, Taiwan 33304


   Trojan program activities have not only brought about in criminal activities but also pose a challenge to law en-forcement agencies. Digital forensic practitioners are increasingly facing situations in how to conduct a forensic analysis. Due to the increasing use of Trojan programs by hackers, Trojan defense is likely to become more popular than before. This study reviews a digital forensic report of Trojan defense case of Train Ticket Scalping in Taiwan. This study also presents a RPC (Review, Pinpoint, and Clarify) strategy for exploring and analyzing evi-dence-relevant data. This strategy is potentially useful for Trojan defense data sets and evidence quality review.

Key Words : Trojan defense;auditing logs;advanced persistent threats;digital forensic report; quality review