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Chairman of ICAEA Middle East Chapter

Prof. Ezz Hattab

eMail: chair@icaea.me

Prof.Ezz Hattab is the president of Al Dar University College (ADUC) at UAE, Prof. Ezz used to work as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science Depts at Amman Arab University, specializing in Internet Technology and its applications (e.g., e-Health, e-Business, e-Commerce, and e-Learning).He developed several e-commerce applications, online drugstores (e.g., www.drugstore.com, www.vitalrx.com), healthcare websites (e.g., www.evitals.com ). He developed several e-courses and e-learning portals. Lately, Dr. Hattab worked with Ministry of Education as a supervisor and Author for MIS courses. He is a member of the Avicenna project, which is a virtual campus (80% EU funded) that aims at creating new community of universities sharing best practices and pedagogical innovation through a network of E-learning centers across the Mediterranean. He is an active member of numerous professional and scientific societies, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Jordanian Society of Computers (JSC) and the Arab Medical Informatics Association (ARMIA). Dr. Hattab has 20 publications and 4 books in the area of Information Technology, e-business, e-health, and web applications. He is a member of the high supervision committee of informatics stream at the Ministry of Education. Dr. Hattab has been awarded a scholarship from the EU to pursue his PhD in Internet Technology. His PhD research was part of the Europe research project “The WebMiner”, in which he proposed numerous algorithms and techniques that handle web information retrieval and search. He worked as a head of web development at Eurobjects Co., which develop web applications, e-commerce, e-business and e-health web sites.

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